Monday, September 15, 2008

Are You Tired ?

Monday, Sept 14/08

Be First to Know and First to Try
Attention All Athletes and All People Everywhere!
There are over 70 million energy drinks served every day in the US. Just how healthy are they for you is the question?

A New Healthy Feel Good Energy Drink just hit the market in over 7 countries on Saturday, September 13, 2008. Individually packaged for maximum convenience in a delicious lemon/berry flavor.

Energy kick in minutes, that lasts for hours. Enhanced athletic recovery and performance.
Low caloric intake.

Appetite control/Weight management properties/Mental clarity and focus.
Low sugar content for even energy with no crash and no spikes.

This is truly a new Breed of Enery, packaged in powder form in a small easy to carry packet that you just rip off the top and pour into your 8 ounce bottle of water, shake and drink.

Good tasting and super easy to use as you already are carrying your water bottle with you, what could be more convenient.

Be first on your block or group to try this tasty drink and feel the energy naturally.

Simple approach: Try it...Feel it....Share it...
and now you can get paid to share it......

I think this is a great product and was lucky enough to get to try it out for a few weeks prior to the launch of the product and it is great!!!

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